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Do you travel?

We travel within a 15-mile radius.

What do I need to provide the night of the showing?

All we need is a flat piece of ground, access to an electrical outlet (120), and the movie of your choice! 

How long will Sunshine be with us? 

We will arrive 30-45 minutes before for set up,  and will take an additional 30 minutes to pack up once your movie is over. If additional time is needed for setup, we can make that happen!

Do you provide seating?

You are welcome to set up your own lawn chairs, beanbags, air mattresses, and more! We encourage you to have fun and get cozy!  If you are looking for special seating to create the perfect vibe, we are happy to work with a local rental company to help make that happen!

What video source is best?

You can download, rent or have a DVD/Blue Ray copy of your movie. 

What time does the movie start?

With the quality of our movie projector, we can start movies at dusk while still giving you a crisp, clear picture. This is perfect for starting movies earlier for little ones.

What happens if it rains?

If your movie night needs to be rescheduled due to inclimate weather, the decision needs to be made at least 2 hours prior to the time of booking. If the evening is canceled within two hours before arrival time,  full payment is required. Once Sunshine is on location, if it should start to rain, we will pause for (a maximum) of 30 minutes to see if the weather will change. If it doesn’t, another night will be rescheduled.

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